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They have my business!

I’ll try to be brief here (unlike my other reviews) because there’s a simple reason this business gets 5-stars: they care less about themselves than they do you.

I came in one day about two months ago in desperate need of a good pair of shoes… BUT… I was *very* particular about what I needed. Generally, I run “barefoot.” Not literally, but with a suuuuper slimline shoe. Give me a millimeter of sole and only enough cushion to protect from pebbles and debris.

The problem: no one makes this kind of shoe. At least not without knowing niche brands like Merrell and Skora (big ups to the staff for teaching me about them).

Now, the reason this review gets 5-stars is that, not only did they sit down (three of them) and teach me about various brands and bio-anatomy, but they happened to have an old old pair of shoes a previous customer had special ordered and then backed out from… which they gave to me.

It was either me or the trash so they decided to help me out and I am massively grateful to them for being willing to parlay money to get me a pair of shoes that would work for my marathon training until I could test out other brands and feel out various styles of low profile shoes.

They have my business. And the business of anyone who trusts my word when I recommend them. Do yourself a favor and stop by. These guys are awesome. – Danny E.

They run…they care!

Running marathons since 2005, and so glad this store opened. From day one this has been an athlete friendly store, not hard sale/move product. They run, they care, they want you to stay healthy with the right shoes and to be a return customer. Original owners, cross country high school coaches.  Current owner ran for Nike, hires accomplished and recreational running staff.  Cutting edge nutrition available in store-from gu and chomps, to nuun, scratch and electrolyte tabs.  Sock selection is over the top!  And, they have fun/inspiring running store shirts with hilarious, wise, silly and fun sayings to motivate you and those around you.  Happy to give this place my running dollars!  They earn them and my respect every time I have a running need or question!  Kudos to owner and staff! – E.S.

This store is fabulous!

This store is fabulous!  I have purchased numerous running shoes here, and each time I received personalized attention from knowledgeable and friendly staff.  I recently had to return a pair of (probably) defective shoes and was able to return them without a problem.  The staff were very helpful in selecting a replacement pair, and it was clear that they wanted to make sure that I was totally happy with my new pair.  Wonderful shopping experience.  It’s hard to find a store like this where you get this kind of service excellence. – Nina W.

Qualified for Boston!

Having trained once with a fund-raising group and then training by myself, I was fairly successful and twice qualified for Boston.  However, with recurring injuries, I had gotten much slower and had just about given up hope of ever getting back to Boston.  I learned that The Running Store was offering a training program and I joined to get the benefit of some professional coaching and to learn what I should be doing to avoid injuries and to start getting faster again.  The experience of the coaches and the encouragement of the runners and race-walkers in the program was instrumental in my training, and I was able to once again finish a marathon in a Boston qualifying time.  — Kevin D.

I’m Now a Runner!

When I first started the Run 101 program I could only run from one mailbox to another.  Everyone knows how small the yards are in No. Va. so you know I couldn’t run very far!  I had tried running on my own many times before, had always felt discouraged, and eventually would quit.  I joined the training program in hopes of changing that pattern.  As a member of the training group, I discovered that everyone receives positive encouragement and support, regardless of what level they are.  Thanks to the guidance of my coaches, I have now fit running in to my weekly exercise routine and have progressed enough to take on my first 5K in May.  I can finally call myself a runner! — Sheryl R.

Taking it to the Next Level!

I have never been truly athletic before and started running last March for exercise and as a form of stress relief. I quickly found I really enjoyed it and surprisingly in no time, I was running longer and feeling great. I entered a 5K race just for fun and did reasonably well for a first timer. I soon realized I had caught the running bug! But I knew in order to get to the next level of fitness and competition, I needed structure and proper variation to my workout. That is when I decided to sign up for the TRS training program. After discussing with me what I wanted to achieve, the coaches developed a training regimen just for me that incorporated specific workouts to increase my speed and endurance. In just 12 weeks I have more than doubled my long distance runs and am ready to compete in my first half-marathon. I learned so much during this first training session that I have signed up for another one! — Debbie S.

Accomplishing Goals Never Thought Possible!

The training program has been a fun and positive experience for me.  The coaches are very professional and knowledgeable and have helped me to achieve goals I never thought were possible.  Under their guidance, I qualified for Boston last Fall in my first marathon and this Spring set a new half marathon PR and met my sub 1:30 goal! — David O.

The Swine Flu Couldn’t Stop Me!

Working with Sherri made completing the Marine Corps Marathon a great experience for me.  I have completed marathons in the past, but never as part of a training group.  I was concerned that I might not fit in because I’m a slow runner but never once did I feel ostracized from the group; Sherri accepted me for the runner I was, gave me lots of encouragement as my training progressed, knew when to give in to my yells to let me rest and when to ignore them and push me, and tailored my training plan to meet my specific needs every step (literally) of the way.  She also was always willing to adjust my schedules/times depending on what chaos (injuries, vacations, general calamities) came up in my life and was an excellent resource for my fueling/hydrating questions (water…lots of water).  She also mixed in new and interesting locations to run, so that we weren’t always looking at the same sidewalks week after week.

The most amazing thing to me though was when she was willing to run 18 miles of the marathon – the last ten specifically with me – to ensure that everyone finished that day.  I had recovered from the flu only a week before the marathon so my lungs and body were still quite weak, but I was determined to still attempt the race.  I’ll never forget her practically pulling me across the bridge, hand in hand, so that we would beat the sweeper bus, ensuring I’d complete the journey and get my medal.  It was great being part of a team.  Thanks Coach!! — John S.

New Personal Bests from 5k to the Marathon!

Mary Davison is without a doubt the best trainer/coach that I have ever worked with. Her positive attitude and her skillful crafting of personal workout schedules has improved my personal best times in everything from a 5k to the marathon.  I have found the workouts she has developed for me to be challenging, rewarding and most importantly, varied enough that I do not lose interest in running and obtaining my goals.  Her single best quality though is her ability to provide positive motivation no matter the situation.  She truly does find the silver lining around every cloud.

I have also found that Mary has a wide range of valuable information on everything from proper stretching techniques, diet, how to train in the heat of the summer, to how to stay positively motivated.

I would encourage anyone from the novice to an experienced runner to work with Mary. As a matter of fact I believe in her abilities so much that I encouraged both my wife and 13 year old son to work with her in preparation for races this summer.  They have done so and are looking forward to completing their races. — George C.

Injury Free and Running Happy!

Sherri is an amazing coach and trainer. I always felt like my running schedule was appropriate, even though I started out with such low mileage. It was worth it to start out slow and gradually increase, so I didn’t sustain any injuries at all, and felt terrific up until I found out I was pregnant and had to stop. If I had been able to continue as planned, I know I would’ve had much-improved times on the MCM 10K and Richmond Half. I knew by the end of the summer that I was doing really well, thanks to her. Also thanks to her I had someone to talk to about issues I was having and she gave me knowledgeable, useful, helpful advice. I’m so happy that I was a part of the group so she could be my coach and trainer! I feel really lucky about that. She is always so positive, but also realistic about people’s goals and needs. — Sarah P.

Finishing My First Marathon!

I found Mary after I had completed my first half marathon.  I had never run before and started training for the half marathon from an article I read in a magazine.  I did okay but when I finished the half marathon I wanted to run a full marathon.  I knew that I needed help and feedback.  Mary got me on a great schedule that was much more personalized than my original magazine article.  She gave me all kinds of helpful information and made my first marathon experience a great one.  She was waiting for me at the 23rd mile of the marathon. After having run an 8k that same day, she ran with me the last three miles and had gatorade and gummy bears for me.  It felt so great to have her there to edge me on the last few miles. I am looking forward to many more marathons with Mary! — Kristina V.

From 10K to Marathon!

Training with Sherri was a key component during my marathon program.  From helping me to outline the best training schedule, to providing guidance on nutrition, Sherri was fantastic.  The hardest part about doing long training runs is staying motivated.  Her ability to encourage her fellow runners to make it out for that next run while being a positive force of energy was vital.  I have never been a long distance runner, not doing more than 6 miles at a time.  Once I started my marathon training the importance of proper hydration and fueling became much more apparent.  Sherri provided invaluable advice in both areas. — Ursla K.

Thank You!

I think you guys deserve a congrats for my performance as well. I’m sure it must feel good to help us along in these small personal journeys and to see some of the success’s that you see have to be rewarding. So once again thank you thus far. I am more confident after yesterdays run than ever.  – Steve W.

From Couch to 5k to Half Marathon!

I started working out with Mary in February of 2001 when at the time I was flabby and out of shape and could not even think about running to the corner!  She helped me work my way up from there to running the whole way for a 5k, then 10k and now in the middle of 2002 I am training for a half marathon!  I could not have done it without Mary’s experience, structured approach, and support along the way. — Monica F.g ou guys deserve a congrats for my performance as well, I’m sure it must feel good to help us along in these