Fresh Partnership Between Casino and Intermarché

French parties for shopping In addition to purchasing together, Casino and Intermarché are both developing streaming platforms and producing private labels. It is the beginning of the redrafting of the shopping environment from France to Europe.

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Alliance in International Buying

For five years Casino Group and Intermarché have announced a joint alliance in which their complementary power is to be played. They will be shopping in their own countries first and foremost. The foreign brand producers take control of the food industry negotiations.

Small to medium-sized producers’ private labelling, farm products, fish and trademarks are beyond the framework of the deal. Non-food deals are being conducted by the casino, including technological materials, paper products and textiles.

Offering foreign facilities to major manufacturing organisations working in Europe and Latin America, all groups outside France can create a buying partnership. The partnership is based on a small range of vendors who have a leading presence in certain product segments due to their size or regional footprint. Ultimately, all retailers claim that the critical mass of buying leading branded brands benefits the customer.



Commercial digital labelling systems

It does not stop there. It does not stop there. Intermarché and Casino Group like JDL688 Singapore bet  have also formed a joint undertaking to market FMCG labels in France for digital media. Together, the partners have access to a vast amount of transaction data and Casino also has extensive expertise in digital communication through its Relevant department. 

Both retailers wish with this to react to “national players in France dominant “‘s position. Intermarché will finally contend with its manufacturing arm, Agromousquetaires, for contracts to manufacture French-speaking private label goods for Casino Group. The French competence would naturally authorise cooperation

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Chairs in music

Casino revealed the completion of its Horizon buying alliance – through which it partnered with Auchan, Metro, Dia and Schiever – soon after it announced the partnership. The revived agreement marks the beginning of the European shopping partnerships of musical chairs. Both food retailers are still searching for new collaborations after the departure of Edeka and Intermarché from AgeCore and the end of Horizon. 

The French retailers lead the dance: they are more likely to unite in order to improve their bargaining stance in view of the tight restrictions on trade ties and price negotiations in France. Moreover, since most French groups still operate abroad, these movements affect the European economy as a whole. This was not the first time, though, that Casino and Intermarché met: they had been part of the Incaa buying party for four years, which ended in 2018.

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