We have a wide variety of running and walking products to make your fitness activities more enjoyable. Actually, we like to call our collection the “Candyland” of accessories because its so vast and so sweet you’ll want it all!

Let’s just start with socks…you need socks…we have a wall full…every solid color imaginable..even injinji toe socks.


But if you want them a little more colorful and plush…we got that too!

access15  access13

But maybe you need, no you deserve, something a little more substantial to help you get to the NEXT level…a watch…or awesome new sunglasses for those bright sunny days when you’re just cruising along on one of your runs…

access21 access20

….or maybe a little something instead…a reward for all that hard effort…

access19 access7

Whatever you want, whatever you need, we are sure to have it!