Individualized Online Training Programs

Are you tired of using generic training programs and wish you had something created just for you? Do you want structure to your current training, but don’t have time to meet with a group? If so, then TRS’s individualized online training program is just for you!

TRS  coaches believe there is no “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach to training. Each person is an experiment of one. We believe in personalized programs that focus on the individual needs of each runner.  These programs work to improve weaknesses while building on strengths.  Through a planned and periodized approach to training, we strive to keep athletes healthy and training consistently.  We challenge each runner to reach beyond their present fitness to the next level.

We incorporate specific information about you, your lifestyle, goals, limitations, strengths and design a program just for you.

This program includes:

  • An initial phone or in person consultation to discuss your goals and prior training  and racing history.
  • A thorough evaluation of past training techniques before building your new program.
  • Individualized weekly workout schedules tailored to your specific goal. Schedules are built specifically for you – taking into account your preferences with regard to long run and key workouts days, races, vacations, etc
  • Training log review; modification and fine-tuning of training schedules as needed.
  • Unlimited phone and email contact. Coaches require at minimum a once per week email or phone conversation to better monitor your progress and ensure you are receiving the best training program for you.

Coaching Fees and  Registration Information:

Programs can begin at any time and last for any duration. Cost is $75/month. Runners participating in this program have the option to schedule individual coaching sessions with a coach if they desire. Cost for an in-person private coaching session is $50 per session.

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For more information, contact Mary Davison at (703) 975-1605 or